VAT in Italy

VAT in Italy

When taking part in FBA Amazon regime, your goods can be stored in warehouses in Italy. From the very first sale from Amazon´s fulfilment center, you business is oblged to apply for VAT ID number in Pescara. Italy has some specific VAT reporting obligations, different due days, voluntary VAT options regarding the payment of teh VAT etc. So we are very glad we can assist and provide you our services in Italy.

How to register for VAT in Italy

All foreign VAT registration applications are delt by tax authority in Pescara. Your VAT ID nuber is attributed teh day of submission of the application. Neveretheless, tax authority announce this number 30 days after the submission days. For the VAT registration in Italy, simple translation of trade register and home VAT certificate into Italian language are needed.

VAT return deadlines in Italy

Data entries done monthly, before the 16th day of the month following the end of tax period. The same is for the VAT payment.

You can choose to pay teh VAT to the tax authority quarterly. On the other hand, when VAT paid quarterly, the amount of VAT needs to be increased by 1% automatically.

Fillings named Comunicazione Liquidiazioni Periodiche IVA are submitted also quarterly. The deadline for annual VAT return is the and of April of the next calendat year.

VAT rates in Italy

The Italian standard VAT rate is 22%.

Reduced rates are provided for specifically listed supplies of goods and services, such as 4% for listed food, drinks, and agricultural products, and e-books/e-periodicals that meet certain requirements.

VAT payment in Italy

The deadline for VAT payment in Italy is the same as for data entry. So it is the 16th day of the month following the end of the tax period.

The payement is possible by standard SEPA payment.

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