VAT in Germany

VAT in Germany

Is your business concerned by VAT registration in Germany? Probably, you use Amazon´s warhouse in Germany? You are on the right place.

Here, you can find some basic information on VAT registration procces in Germany, VAT reporting deadlines, VAT payment options etc.

How to register for VAT in Germany

Once your obligation for VAT registration in Germany araises, you need to submit VAT application for VAT registration to the corresponding Tax Authority in Germany.

There are several VAT Tax Authorities in Germany and each of them procces only selected VAT payers according to their tax residence. E.g. the tax authority in Chemnitz deals only VAT registrations for Czech, Slovak or Romanian VAT payers. The tax authority in Nordlingen deals only VAT registrations for Polish VAT payers etc.

As the VAT registration is proccesed by different tax administrations, different forms and applications need to be presented to the official body.

Taxeedo gives you the accurate VAT registration list. Accompanies you step by step during the VAT registration procces.

VAT return deadlines in Germany

The periodicity of VAT returns in Germany is based on company´s VAT payable to the Tax Authority.

Monthly VAT returns are filled when the annual VAT payble of the previous calendar year exceeds €7 500.

Quarterly VAT returns are filled when the annual VAT payble of the previous calendar year is less or equal to €7 500 but more than €1 000.

Annual VAT return is filled in both above mentioned cases and also becomes the only VAT return for businesses having the annual VAT payable less than €1 000 in previous calendar year.

VAT rates in Germany

  • The standard VAT rate in Germany is actually fixed on 19%.
  • The reduced VAT rate for food, books, hotel accommodation, culture and other specific goods and services is 7%.

VAT payment in Germany

The VAT can be paid to German Tax Authority by SEPA payment. If you want to simplify the payment, you can choose the Business-to-Business direct debit payment. The German Tax Authority collects the payable VAT automatically from your bank account. If you choose this collection of VAT, you should verify if this payment option is supported by your local bank. Some foreign bank institutions doesn´t provide such service.

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